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These notes were written by Leah Keshet and are updated on an ongoing basis. Use of these notes is permitted for personal learning purposes. Copyrights reserved by Dr. Keshet (2005).

A list of typos and errors in the notes is available here.

Chapter 1: Areas, volumes and simple sums
Chapter 2: Areas continued
Chapter 3: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Chapter 4: Applications of the definite integral to rates, velocities and densities
Chapter 5: Applications of the definite integral to calculating volume and length
Chapter 6: Techniques of Integration
Chapter 7: Mass distributions and center of mass
Chapter 8: Discrete probability and the laws of chance
-see Ch. 8 errata here
Chapter 9: Application of probability
Chapter 10: Continuous probability distributions
Chapter 11: Differential Equations
Chapter 12: Infinite series, improper integrals, and Taylor series