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Solutions to problems from:
Chapter 1: ( full, even) Summation: Adding up the pieces
Chapter 2: ( full, even) Areas and the definite integral
Chapter 3: ( full, even) The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Chapter 4: ( full, even) Applications of the definite integral to rates, velocities and densities
Chapter 5: ( full, even) More applications of definite integrals: Average value of a function, volume, arclength, etc
Chapter 6: ( full, even) Techniques of anti-differentiation
Chapter 7: ( full, even) Mass distributions and center of mass
Chapter 8: ( full, even) Discrete probability and the laws of chance
Chapter 9: ( full, even) Applications of Discrete probability
Chapter 10: ( full, even) Continuous probability distributions
Chapter 11: ( full, even) Differential Equations
Chapter 12: ( full, even) Infinite series, improper integrals, and Taylor series